Remarkably, It was 3 years ago today I began principle photography on “Something You Should Know: the Duran Duran Fan Documentary”. Wow! What a wonderful journey it has been! This same time last year, I completed a version of the film I was very proud of but realized it was not fully meeting my own creative standards or story goals. I wrestled with structure, length and have made many compromises to reach this point. The final legal affairs and minor polishing of the film are being completed as we speak. Essentially, other than our final mix, graphics/titles, and color correction we are done. That sounds weird to say, but very soon we will be able to start promoting, previewing, entering festivals, choosing our distributors, and networks to work with.

I am thrilled with the film, that is now approx 72 minutes and is a blast to watch from end to end. I have shown it to several of the main characters, who all cried and laughed ( at the correct places 🙂 ) and they agree that this is the complete “Duranie” story and that there is “Something You Should Know”!

All the best,