SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW 5th Anniversary Announcement!

Today marks a wonderful day in my life and for the film. It was 5 years ago today that I began this grueling, challenging and rewarding project. It at times has literally and figuratively rendered me physically paralyzed, financially devastated and emotionally exhausted. I am however, proud to announce today on this special day that the film is 100% DONE! It took nearly 18 months to complete all the legal matters with the band, management and publishing entities to whom I am very grateful. I have held off saying anything or showing anything, other than a few test screenings in the US, until all was legally correct.

For many of you it has been years since we have last spoke, emailed or met in person somewhere around the world. You may have wondered if “that documentary” would ever come out or get finished, well I made a promise to all of you and I simply refused to not give up and to make certain that I kept my word to you.

Now that we have reached this stage, you may have many questions like, will it be in theatres, will it be on TV, when can I buy it etc… I assure you that all of these questions will be cheerfully answered over the next several weeks and months ahead.

In the meantime, I need to gauge what the true numbers of DVD’s that should be printed in your region, as each country has a different DVD and broadcast standard. I ask you all to please respond to this email with your full name, country of origin, and the amount of DVDs you think you would like to purchase.

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Many of you have inquired if you can still send photos of your 80’s Duranie glory absolutely! If you have precious photos from your Duranie youth especially home shrines, in their clothes or dressed to emulate them (fedora,etc..) scan them atleast 150 dpi, for NTSC broadcast standards 720 & 480, saved as a jpeg (rgb or mac colors not CMYK ) at the best quality. Please no more than 4 images a person-only your very best photos!

Finally, please post this info to any message board, Duranie email list or send to a Duranie friend who may not know about the project.

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