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The DVD Contains Two Hours of Bonus Features and Performances! 

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SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW 5th Anniversary Announcement!

Today marks a wonderful day in my life and for the film. It was 5 years ago today that I began this grueling, challenging and rewarding project. It at times has literally and figuratively rendered me physically paralyzed, financially devastated and emotionally exhausted. I am however, proud to announce today on this special day that the film is 100% DONE! It took nearly 18 months to complete all the legal matters with the band, management and publishing entities to whom I am very grateful. I have held off saying anything or showing anything, other than a few test screenings in the US, until all was legally correct.

For many of you it has been years since we have last spoke, emailed or met in person somewhere around the world. You may have wondered if “that documentary” would ever come out or get finished, well I made a promise to all of you and I simply refused to not give up and to make certain that I kept my word to you.

Now that we have reached this stage, you may have many questions like, will it be in theatres, will it be on TV, when can I buy it etc… I assure you that all of these questions will be cheerfully answered over the next several weeks and months ahead.

In the meantime, I need to gauge what the true numbers of DVD’s that should be printed in your region, as each country has a different DVD and broadcast standard. I ask you all to please respond to this email with your full name, country of origin, and the amount of DVDs you think you would like to purchase.

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Many of you have inquired if you can still send photos of your 80’s Duranie glory absolutely! If you have precious photos from your Duranie youth especially home shrines, in their clothes or dressed to emulate them (fedora,etc..) scan them atleast 150 dpi, for NTSC broadcast standards 720 & 480, saved as a jpeg (rgb or mac colors not CMYK ) at the best quality. Please no more than 4 images a person-only your very best photos!

Finally, please post this info to any message board, Duranie email list or send to a Duranie friend who may not know about the project.

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Fan Photos Needed and recent Fan reviews

Check out some Fan Reviews from a recent Fan Focus group!

STUPORFLY (from message board) wrote:

Last night, Mondaybox and I had the great honor of being one of the few fans who have had the chance to see M. Douglas’ Duran Duran fan documentary, Something You Should Know. Those of you who were at NYCRedhead’s Sing Blue Silver screening in January had the chance to see excerpts from the film, and if I remember correctly (and I’d been drinking, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got it right), what we were shown was met with rapturous applause. We saw the whole shebang last night from start to finish, and I have to say that all of M’s hard work has produced something pretty special.

It isn’t some contrived bus trip, like that Depeche Mode movie. This is the real stories of real fans, and it’s all there – From the original reunion shows to the tales of old.

Fans of the band will find a lot to love in this film. Whether you identify with the primary subjects or just the sense of community and excitement of being a fan, you might just see a bit of yourself in there. And I saw a bit of many of you too. I don’t know if M would want me to list some of the board regulars I spotted – either in interviews, or in the periphery – but I’ll throw a few names out there anyway: Queen Duranie, mustang kimmy, NYCRedhead, Netrage, NigelsAngel, Ramona, CrystalTear5 (I think, anyway), durrani (though I can’t confirm that one) and countless others.

People who might not like the band will also find much to enjoy here. Maybe they felt something similar for another band. Maybe they wondered what all the Duranies have been going mental for over the past few decades. Maybe they’ll find themselves drawn into the engaging primary subjects, all of whom have been affected by the band tremendously, and all of whom have fascinating stories to tell.

And some people might just watch to figure out why big names like Moby and No Doubt and Jonathan Davis from Korn and Barenaked Ladies felt strongly enough about what the band meant to them to participate.

To his great credit, M hasn’t made a Duran version of Trekkies. This is a film about friendship and community. This is not a film that slams the fans, or makes anyone out to look foolish. There is geniune emotion: It’s funny and exhilarating and surprisingly touching. It’s a film Duran Duran fans are likely to embrace, as it really does tell their story.

Something You Should Know is done, but if you’re interested in being a part of it, you can still see yourself in the finished product. M is finishing up a montage for the opening and closing of the film, and he needs your help. The documentary begins with a montage of 80’s fan photos (including a particularly dorky one of yours truly), but there’s plenty of room for more, whether you show up in the montage or in the DVD packaging (all possibilities). If you’ve got some old school pictures of yourself – especially, but not limited to – wearing Duran Duran shit, or standing in front of your thousands of posters, M would like to hear from you. Ideally, the shots would have been taken between 1980-1986.

M is also looking to make the montage more clearly represent the many ethnicities of the band’s fans. The present-day interviews are like some New Wave Bennetton ad, but at present, there’s a sea of caucasians in the montage, and M is hoping to have a more representative mix of people in there. He sent some specs for pictures, and I’ll let him tell it in his own words…

“The vintage era photos photos should be scanned at a minimum of 300 DPI and emailed as JPEG, TIFF or Photoshop files to Remember, most email delivery systems limit file size to 5 megabytes. If you have lots of great photos to send, you may have to send several emails. Also please include a contact # and or address in your email so I can send people a legal photo release form.”

M would like as many people to register at the film’s official site as possible. You’ll be kept up to date on news and other info, and I think the more people who sign up, the more seriously film distributors will take the documentary. And I think this is something that would be worth getting out there. I hope you’ll feel the same.

Register here:

M is looking for a lot of action within the next two weeks or so. He wants the film to come out around the same time as the new album is released, so he’s got to make as big a splash now as he can. If you want to see this film, consider helping spread the word.

MONDAYBOX (From message boards):

have you ever queued up for hours in the freezing cold to see your favorite band at a record store signing? perhaps you get together with fellow fans from around the world for informal events that celebrate you common interests. are you unable to part with dusty boxes of old magazine clippings in your parents basement, or have you turned your music memorabilia collection into centerpiece of your home and made it a lifes hobby? and maybe your bank account a little poorer because you’ve simply got to get a rare item on ebay, or because you’ve followed a concert tour for just a few too many shows.

if you are like me (and if you are reading this!) you probably also spend way too much time on a certain band’s messageboard, but hopefully it has allowed you to play out your interest in their music and career, and maybe you’ve even made some new friends along the way. quite likely your family and non-fan friends just don’t get what it all means to you. a new documentary film should go a long to helping explain just why being a fan of something is so important. two night ago i saw a preview of m. douglas’ something you should know, which depicts the lives and passions of a group of duran duran fans, and is an intriguing and compelling representation of fandom in general.

i thoroughly enjoyed the film, and hope everyone in the extended fan community gets a chance to see it next year. i’m sure you’ll all relate to it is some way, whether you’ve followed the band for 20 years, or for two years. being a duran duran fan was an important part of my identity when i was a teenager, as i know it was for many people here. in its own fairly innocuous way it allowed me to stand apart from the crowd in an all-boys school in suburban dublin in the 1980s. while that choice resulted in me get my fair share of abuse, it also directly led to very close friendships with 3 guys that endure to this day. while i’ll not be disingenuous enough to say that my favorite music these days is entirely duran duran-based, being a fan – and having been a fan – is still a big part of who i am.

this film presents the stories of several fans from across the spectrum: its scope is international, interviewing fans in their homes and at concerts in the UK and the US, and presenting a diverse global cross-section of fans who have been fans of the band over the years. while only some performance footage is included (the documentary is about the fans, not the band) the reunion concerts in 2003, and the fan reaction to them, are a cornerstone of the film. the film conveys the sense of excitement – and to most of the fans, importance – that surrounded these shows. the launch of astronaut is also featured, with exclusive performance footage from the good morning america appearance in times square.

The stories of several individual fans are included, and the portrayal of these fans is fair and non-judgmental. each is given their own voice, with little editorial interference, to describe what the band has meant to them over the years, and how being a fan plays out in their lives today. there are collectors and musicians; fans who travel extensively to
see the band; fans who made strong friendships through the band, etc. the lengths that these dedicated fans go to can seem alternately poignant, funny, or a little excessive. i’m sure you’ll see a little of yourselves in many of them, and many of you will see yourselves, whether in an interview or simply in a group shot (and, of course, you still have a chance to get yourself into the film by sending in a scanned still photograph to be considered for inclusion in the opening montage HERE).

the band is also interviewed about what their fans have meant to them over the years. the band certainly seems to understand the importance of its fans, and through the interviews and filmed interactions, that comes across – especially with nick. nick is also revealed to be an avid collector of duran duran memorabilia, and he takes a personal interest in the collections of some of the fans, one of whom has had items displayed in the rock and roll hall of fame.

after the viewing the other night i mentioned to the director that the way i’d describe it is a bit like when people say “oh, field of dreams is not a baseball movie” (i.e. it is a movie with many themes, such as about having vision and a passion). “something you should know” is not just a film about duran duran fans. it is about fandom in general, and how being a fan of something shapes character, ignites passions, and establishes common ground and build friendships and community. i have no doubt that the appeal of the documentary should extend beyond the duran duran fanbase.